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Until they acquire tenure, most beginning teachers can be nonrenewed for no reason at all.

They’re not entitled to know why or to have a due process hearing.

The only caveat is that they can’t be let go for a discriminatory reason or in retaliation for free speech activities.

Without going into the gory details, teacher free speech rights are fairly limited: their speech is protected only if they speak out as citizens on “matters of public concern” and their speech doesn’t disrupt the school. doesn’t address broader social/political issues of the day), or if the speech might disturb the workplace.

Applying the case, the court ruled that her My Space postings dealt only with purely personal matters, not issues of public concern.

The lesson from the Snyder case is this: Unprofessional and inappropriate Internet postings by college students can be used to prevent them from entering the teaching profession. Make no mistake: Administrators are catching on and checking up.

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