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As is the case with Angel Lola Luv n.k.a Lola Monroe.Clearly, the 23-year-old stunner has the assets to cushion any fall from grace, but before the hands of time could give her an unceremonious boot from the modeling game, the Chocolate City cutie bowed out gracefully to pursue a career in rap.Now, four mixtapes in, the retired video vixen with the unreal 34C-20-40 dimensions has officially switch sides. Though she did play a rather convincing lady lover in 50 Cent’s directorial debut, Lola is no longer the lovely accessory in your favorite rappers’ video; instead she’s the main attraction, the rap goddess spitting her own rhymes and recruiting other dimes to pose as video ornaments.Before hitting the studio to begin work on her still-untitled debut, Lola weighs in on the state of the video vixen game, domestic violence, the mis-education of Montana Fishburne, and her non-beef with Nicki Minaj.When his dream of becoming a basketball player fails to materialize, he finds himself employed in a supermarket. I also found for this to be his first directorial film he did an excellent job in directing it. I find this movie to be realistic and many people will identify with the story line.

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What are your thoughts on Nicki and your relationship with her, if you have one? Like, I like a lot of substance and emotion, and I think that’s what makes us different artists also. I still think she’s a dope artist, but she’s a different type of artist.The cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. See full summary » Story of a promising high school basketball star and his relationships with two brothers, one a drug dealer and the other a former basketball star fallen on hard times and now employed as a security guard.A coming of age story about an inner-city youth raised by a hardworking single mother. i am patiently waiting for him to direct another movie.I think it was really blown outta proportion; it’s definitely not a beef. She’s doing her thing, I’m doing my thing, it was definitely blown out of proportion. I think, you know, she’s a dope artist, but her music isn’t really like kind of my forte. You’ve always been an advocate of models carrying themselves in a certain way so that their behavior doesn’t reflect badly on all models as a whole.They asked me a question during an interview and, you know, I responded and media being media they just blew it into some like huge beef and it really wasn’t that. So to set the record straight there’s no tension with you and Nicki? When you look at someone like a Kat Stacks—granted she’s not a video model—but when you see people attacking her and her making videos talking about her exploits with rappers, what do you think about that?

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