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The employer should not deny an employee’s request for an accommodation without suggesting alternatives to the employee or applicant (unless there is no alternative the employer could provide that would not result in an undue hardship).

Third, given that reasonable accommodation issues often arise in situations where an employee is required to work during a religious holiday (or when the employee wants to attend a religious conference, as was the case above), the EEOC recommends that employers implement policies that allow voluntary substitutes or shift swaps, flexible scheduling, changes in job assignments, or lateral transfers.

Employers should proceed with caution, particularly since the EEOC has signaled with these three recent cases that it is taking claims regarding religious accommodation very seriously. Information on previous case results does not guarantee a similar future result.

That means that under most circumstances, employees do not have many rights. One exception is protection(s) afforded employees under the Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA"), and the Florida Civil Rights Act, which is patterned after the ADA.

These three cases might have been avoided if the employer attempted to provide a reasonable accommodation.

In March, the EEOC settled a lawsuit with an assisted living company over the company’s failure to let an employee take Sunday off.Even if an employee is not actually disabled, the ADA states that if the employer "perceives" that person as being disabled, the employee may get the protections of the ADA.This means that the employer views or treats an employee as disabled when they are not.Given the EEOC’s current focus, accommodating religious beliefs and practices, employers should take certain steps to ensure that they are complying with these requirements.First, employers should make sure their managers are aware that when an employee says he or she cannot perform the job or needs an exception from a company policy and the employee links that request to his or her religious beliefs, managers should seek guidance from Human Resources.

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