Acorn intimidating voters

When it’s operating it has a full-time secretariat in Belfast.It used to have a staff of 21 – 10 British and 11 Irish officials.“There will be a new British-Irish Agreement dealing with the totality of relationships.’’ Geddit? “In recognition of the Irish government’s special interest in Northern Ireland and of the extent to which issues of mutual concern arise in relation to Northern Ireland, there will be regular and frequent meetings of the conference concerned with non-devolved Northern Ireland matters, on which the Irish government may put forward views and proposals.These meetings, to be co-chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, would also deal with all-island and cross-border cooperation on non-devolved issues.” There’s a lot more.Posted by Jim on December 28, 2017 Around 1,000 files have disappeared while ‘on loan’ to the government. Wednesday, December 27, 2017 The National Archives are home to more than 11m documents, many of them covering the most disturbing periods of Britain’s colonial past.This sort of accident is happening too often for comfort Siobhan Fenton . The uncomfortable truths revealed in previously classified government files have proved invaluable to those seeking to understand this country’s history or to expose past injustices.In 2014, a You Gov poll found that 59% of those surveyed thought the British empire was more something to be proud of than ashamed of.The loss of these documents provides an apt metaphor for what colonialism means to many in Britain. Absolutely everything people in the DUP say about Brexit is fantasy so it’s no surprise that remarks by blowhard DUP MPs about Irish government involvement in The North is also fantasy. Perhaps, because the likes of Deputy Dodds and Donaldson always opposed the Good Friday Agreement— and in Donaldson’s case walked out on David Trimble— it’s understandable that they don’t know what the GFA says about Irish government involvement in The North.

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In 2013, meanwhile, the Guardian revealed that more than 1m documents that should have been declassified were instead being unlawfully kept at a high-security compound in Buckinghamshire.

In effect it replaced the old Maryfield structures established under the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement which guaranteed the Irish government an input into The North.

The new British-Irish Agreement of 1998 replaced the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

Just look at the average income in The North, €23,700 compared to The South, €39,873.

The Republic’s industrial output is 10 times bigger than The North’s but its workforce is only 2.5 times bigger.

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