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However, if you travel business class, fares are likely to go up as the tax would increase to 12 per cent from the 9 per cent currently.

As far as hotels are concerned, for those who prefer staying at mid-market to luxury hotels there is good news. This means that an 18 per cent GST will be levied on rooms with tariff between Rs. According to the hotel industry, currently for this tariff range, a tax of 21.3 per cent is levied.

If you like your dinner dates fancy and at 5-star hotels, there's good news.

The GST on restaurants in five-star and luxury hotels has been reduced to 18 per cent from 28 per cent, bringing it at par with standalone air-conditioned (AC) restaurants.

Cab expenses Getting around the city with your special someone in a cab is likely to get cheaper with GST kicking in.

Cab aggregators like Ola and Uber will be taxed at 5 per cent down from the current 6 per cent that's levied on transport services.

For apparel, man-made clothes up to Rs 1,000 will attract a 5 per cent tax, lower than the existing 7 per cent; those costing above Rs 1,000, will continue to attract 12 per cent.

GST is touted as the single biggest tax reform since India's independence in 1947 and is expected to add 2 per cent to India's GDP (gross domestic product).

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on Friday, your dating game may see a change come July, with pretty much everything you indulge in during your romantic rendezvous coming under the new tax regime.

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The threshold for the 28 percent tax bracket has been increased to Rs. The 3 per cent tax discount will be passed on to the customers, industry insiders told

Under the GST regime that's set to roll out from July 1, if the hotel room rate is less than Rs 1,000, it would be exempt from taxes.

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