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This would give a hint to the ERP system that the next step should be to create a WK Contract.

This element can also be specified in the header section, which can affect the user interface of the sourcing solution appropriately.

Example: If the order quantity is 100 and 40 were delivered, the open quantity is 60.

The quantity is recorded as the undelivered quantity by the buyer.

You use inspection characteristics to describe the inspection criteria for materials, parts, and products.

For example, in Germany the tax rate of 19% for value-added tax (VAT) corresponds to the "Standard" tax rate type.

In different EU member states, different VAT rates are allowed. It transmits component inventory, consignment movement, and forecast information from the buyer's ERP system. It consists of the property and its associated values.

An inspection lotis a formal request to examine a specific quantity of materials at a plant.

The quantity of stock to post as unrestricted stock.

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