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It's already amazing that Rippon is the first American man since Rudy Galindo to come out while an active top-level competitor in figure skating.(Johnny Weir made a brief comeback after coming out but was pretty much done.) It's amazing even though a lot of male figure skaters are gay, and even though few fans were surprised to hear the news about Rippon.A post “Skate America” sequel to “Nemesis” in which Nathan comes to terms with his complicated feelings for Yuzuru.Now that the choices have been made and the die has been cast it is time to deal with the consequences…In full. AU Post 2016-17 Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France.Regardless, it's a great statement to make on National Coming Out Day.

But in his free skate, I did see a change, and it's the kind of transformation that might mean the most in the long run.Rippon won the free skate at Finlandia, although his short program deficit put him in second place overall.When some athletes save a program, it's muscle memory taking over, but it was clear to me from Rippon's performance that this was a triumph of psychology.What do you do when you've just come out of the closet in the official magazine of your country's figure skating federation?Attempt your signature quadruple lutz while skating to Queen. This is a post about how Rippon skated in Espoo, not a post about his sexuality. First of all, because Rippon has timed his announcement so it's on everyone's minds right as he begins his season.

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