Aunty without sex

The seat of the chair was made in a small butt like outline.

On further notice, the shape of the seat seemed more like the size of my butt, like the seat was specially made for me.

Aunty came forward and held the clips merged with the chains.

She pressed on the tails of the clips to open their mouths, and took it closer to me.

There were two chains drilled with the ceilings, and hanging down from it.

Each chain had a hanging aluminum clip wielded with their lower end.

I didn't find her pitch amusing, and feared for the more hardships my life was about to face. The room was scary with just one small cabin in the room enlightened and the rest was dark all around.

My advice to go through the entire chapter to connect with it properly.

The story would be narrated by Sushant himself from here on. Aunty opened the door; nothing was visible, as the room was dark black with no light inside.

As it looked from the distance, the cabin had some shiny metals hanging down from the ceilings.

Aunty held my hairs from behind, and pulled on them mercilessly, "You are gonna love these few days with your ma'am.

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