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Until World War II, the church interior and exterior were well preserved. Mary's became the principal church within the Protestant Regional Synodal Federation of the Free City of Danzig.In this time the presbytery (board of the congregation) discerned the value of its parament collection and prompted its cataloguing.

In July 1557, King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland granted Danzig the religious privilege of celebrating communion with both bread and wine.

Parts of the pillars and lower levels of the turret have been preserved from this building.

In 1379 the Danzig architect Heinrich Ungeradin and his team began construction of the present church. Mary's Church in Lübeck, sometimes called the mother of all Brick Gothic churches dedicated to St.

In 1820, during Bertling's pastorate, long forgotten chests and cabinets in the sacristy were opened and the first medieval garments and liturgical decorations were rediscovered.

These and also later sales to private collectors included cloths and vestments made of fabrics from ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, obtained during the Crusades; as well as renaissance wares from Venice, Florence and Lucca (more than 1000 items altogether).

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