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The bar creates central focus, low height dolomite worktops are a visual cue which reflect a domestic scale, coupled with household components like cutlery & dinnerware the effect facilitates informal interactions between the staff and other patrons.

In the restaurant downstairs, long low dolomite servery tables continue the informal language and set the edge of the kitchen allowing the theater of the restaurant and proximity to the dining area to define an impressive dining space.

Photography: Shantanu Starick Awards, National Award for Residential Architecture – Houses at the AIA's 2010 National Architecture Awards Houses Magazine 2011 – Winner New House over 200 square metres Undertaken by Donovan Hill with Greg Lamb as Project Lead.

Photography: Shantanu Starick Tank Bar and Restaurant is located inthe CBD at the base of Santos House.

Flipping the existing layout allowed the bar to be visible from the road as is typical of a tapas bar and creating an easy transition from the street.

Green-walls and mirrored panels neatly conceal services while further add to the personality and warmth of the venue.

Undertaken by Donovan Hill with Michael Hogg as Project Architect.

The portal contains a large opening to the sky, below which a new pine tree has been planted.

Trained towards the sunlight, the tree will eventually become taller than the house and become part of the collection of existing mature pine trees retained on site.

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