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Kristin Grannis was pictured cuddling nine-year-old Annalise in Los Angeles on October 16.

The 40-year-old and the youngster were clearly closely bonded as they laughed and hugged walking down the street.

Their instincts are telling them that they are alone, and therefore in great danger.

No sane parent makes choices for their kids that they don’t believe are in their children’s best interest.

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What I am not, and never will be down with is the systematic and prolonged abandonment of children left to ‘teach themselves to sleep’.) This may get some peoples’ backs up but quite frankly, I’m not worried about that.

A few minutes of fussing is completely different to prolonged, distressed screaming night after night from a confused, frightened and lonely child.He has been notoriously private about her identity.But the mother of Jamie Foxx's daughter has finally been revealed after she was spotted out with the youngster.This difficult stage in our lives has really made me think about why I make the parenting choices that I make.During the recent height of Squishy’s sleepless stage (try saying that at speed when you’re sleep deprived) I read lots of books and online articles about babies and sleep, the majority of them by people who hold the same parenting philosophy as I do.

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