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Belleek town in its present layout was founded on the Blennerhassett estate during the Plantation of Ulster in the early 17th century.The establishment of the pottery in 1857 saw the start of growth and the town developed further with the founding of a cooperative creamery in 1899, a police station, a courthouse, post office and dispensary.During this period Belleek also used impressed mark, with the words “BELLEEK, CO.

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Belleek Pottery Ltd has long been a major employer in the region, with its visitor centre attracting 150,000 guests per annum.This selection of Belleek comprises a pair of Aberdeen vases, a small forget-menot trinket box, a pair of flowered spill vases, a pair of flowered menu holders and a flowered boudoir candlestick A selection of Belleek baskets sold in London last summer which include an elaborate Rathmore basket (top centre), three covered baskets and a Henshall basket (bottom right) Belleek porcelain is "a world apart" in its individual style and it has a "dedicated band of collectors", according to Mr Fergus Gambon, a ceramics specialist at Phillips auction house in London.To understand what Belleek is worth, the most important factor is to be able to date it.Look for a mark that says `Belleek' or `Belleek Co Fermanagh'.If it says `Ireland' then it's the second period or later." He says that pieces from the first period go for twice that of later pieces.

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