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But, they were interested in hearing more about it.So, I talked about what I did a bit, tried to keep it simple, brief. The producers in the back then flash images up on all the cast's computers of my work from the internet.In my 16 years of listening, I can honestly say that nothing like that has ever happened on that show. To hear Howard make a joke about my dead owl drawing was completely unexpected and funny.That dead owl represents the most sensitive and personal experience of my life, the death of my grandmother, my hero.Famous TV and radio personality, Benjy Bronk falls in the latter category, as he and his ex-girlfriend are still very much closely connected to one another despite their split.

Last week, Stern welcomed O'Neil, who is from Texas, into the studio because of her professed love (through e-mails) for Benjy Bronk, the show's mercilously-mocked head writer.Fans who come on the show never get their last name mentioned and that's why I was comfortable going on.Last names are for celebrities and other people plugging things. I think Howard thought, since I already had a public persona, so to speak (I'm google-able), that he would do me a favor by saying my full name. I thought I'd go on the Stern show and that no one in the art world would ever find out. Not in my face, because I still don't regret a thing.So, they start asking me about dead owls, and sweat suits, and pencils.As uncanny as it sounds, it turned into a full-on art lecture for 3 million Howard Stern fans.

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