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From 2000 to 2008, music industry revenues fell by more than 50%.

Couple that with the bad press resulting from a massive industry organization filing lawsuits against children, and the industry was left in a much worse place.

Then Apple came along and realized that people want to download music, so much so that they’re willing to pay for it. They made it frictionless, so that paying 99 cents for a song on i Tunes was a better experience than locating it for free on a file-sharing site. Today, Spotify has 20 million paying subscribers, people happy to pay a fee to seamlessly access the content that they want.Known as the Data link Performance Monitoring Group, or the DPMG, the group decides on what to monitor and which types of report should be published.2017: The Year The Holding Companies Fell To Earth The Five Forces That Transformed Programmatic Auctions In 2017 Metadata Will Supercharge Video, But It’s Still Early Days Brand Safety In 2017: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going India-Based Times Internet Bets On Products, Not Ads, To Grow Media Business M&A 2017: The Year Of Simplifying And Strengthening The Top Stories And Trends Of 2017 In Data-Driven Advertising Data And Diversification: How Publishers Survived 2017 Ad Colony CEO Will Kassoy Gets The Boot As Revenue Is Set To Tumble In Q4 Lately, all anyone in ad tech is talking about is ad blocking, and for good reason.Sixteen percent of US Internet users used an ad blocker last year, growing to 45 million users by late 2015. If any one ad blocker is thwarted, another will spring up in its place because the demand is simply too high.The inevitable endless cat and mouse game that would ensue is not a solution to an admittedly grave problem.

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