Bf2 stats not updating

Telstra are too tight to part with the billions profit they make to upgrade their infrastructure. However I am right on the border of drop out I believe! Not much help, but I'm after the same info – though I'm in Port Kenned. I'm moving closer to Rockingham soon, so results in both Warnbro/Port Kennedy and Rockingham/Waikiki areas would be nice to know. I am not sure where the tower is, but it is in my room plugged into a desktop PC under a desk.Was wondering if anyone down here has signed up yet. I am only using it because I haven't had my DSL for the last 3 weeks waiting for a line fault to be fixed :( under the desk eh?My client has an Asterisks box and wonders if it can run off VW home gateway with sufficient upload speed and the reliability of the service.Here I get 180KB/s upload speed in Jandakot off the USB STICK. I get better speeds outside and have tried at the base of the tower but definitely not getting more than 12Mbps.Certainly a better option than the so-called DSL we were subject too previously! I did this in the Virgin Broadband Forum by grouping speed in blocks and publishing a graph, which made a nice cone shape on it's side. Table is the count of the speeds attained between the ranges in Mpbs0 – 5: 285 – 10: 1410 – 15: 815 – 20: 2620 – 25: 1025 – 30: 130 – 35: 135 – 40: 1 Median13.97 Average12.23 Its not thorough stats analysis by any means but a guide to how some of us are connecting.Sylvestor This would make more sense plotted as a standard deviation type curve. Well done to Vivid in your first few weeks of service. The Optus mirror is crap and slow and therefore doesn't reflect the real performance of your service.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

EDIT: That (seemingly) was prudent – they do, although finding their AS was trickier than my efforts would allow for. You must be connecting to a tower other than the closest .

I would get Vivid to look into this , if I were you.

I wonder if someone has a similar experience or tips: Tests (within WA) are ok, signal strength seems also fine. (also works on the USB stick to access advanced setting.) Word of caution if you do venture in , I'm not sure how much help customer support will be be able to give you; should you bugger things up! I am stuggling to crack the 450k mark whereas yesterday during the day I was getting 750k .

But actually surfing and downloads are absolutely horrible. I just hope they can do something about the slowness of Australian sites. z Tim, me and others have got other voip providers(mynetfone) working thru the tower. I am wondering if it's because I am trying to use it during 'peak' times.

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