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The special 90-minute premiere of on March 25th averaged an 11.1/18 in the preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings. It ranked fourth in its time slot and tied for 64th for the week (out of 81 shows) [24]. The episode itself started with footage from the 1983 film depicting the death of one of the characters.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the cast included C., “this is a class war, and after a decade of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, Fox’s explorations of the traditional divisions adds up to shrewd audience targeting. There are more of them out there watching television” [19].Matt Roush of suggested “if you can get past the glorified and tiresome rumbles and taunts between the low-class ‘greasers’ and their rich-kid rivals – the ‘socs,’ pronounced ‘sosh-es,’ a tribe of mostly blond pompadours – there’s a sweet family drama being enacted by some unschooled heartthrobs-to-be” [20].Howard Rosenberg of wrote “although the characters are too inconsistent to be entirely believable and often act too inanely to be respected, there are enough nice moments here to lift ‘The Outsiders’ above the ordinary and give it promise” [21].Noel Holston of “a hit series waiting to happen” but worried that “in trying to pander to the prejudices of teens from the lower socioeconomic level, the producers come closer to patronizing them.” He felt it needed “more shading and complexity to be a leader of the pack” [22].

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