Capshaw dating kate spielberg steven

Afterwards, the Spielberg family took a trip backstage to meet the cast.

In a career filled with success and honours, a diploma issued to thousands of students each year is the one that, right now, means the most to Steven Spielberg.

Jessica stars on "Grey's Anatomy," Max is a video game designer, Sasha and Theo have a band together and Sawyer does theater in NYC.

Steven Spielberg must've watched our Word of Mouth video on Spring Awakening.

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And just a few days earlier — Monday, May 2, actually — Capshaw, 39, became a mom for the fourth time, welcoming daughter Josephine Kate Gavigan."Destry joins our high end women’s board with top girls Dylan Penn, Ireland Baldwin, Malaika Firth & Lydia Hearst," a rep for the company tells us. " In her first modeling photos, the beautiful blonde is seen looking cool and casual in everything from a Coca-Cola tee to an oversized knit sweater.Destry is the youngest of seven in the Spielberg-Capshaw house.I felt like John Belushi at the end of Animal House."This new graduate is the Western world's most famous and successful film-maker.Not only are three of his movies - ET, Jurassic Park and Jaws - among the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time, but the Dream Works SKG studio he formed in 1994 with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen is proving a cinematic powerhouse, with hits such as American Beauty, Saving Private Ryan and Shrek to its credit, and this summer it will be releasing Sam Mendes's highly anticipated Road to Perdition.

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