Carbon dating fossils for kids rim backdating options

But then, that also means you had parents who were the type to name you Kevin, which is another story.

This is NOT about Religion, but about Truth, for the fact is that we exist; this is True because the world exists and we exist simply because every day when we wake up, we are still the same person only a day older.

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Unconventional schemes for tackling global warming by installing a giant sunshade in orbit, sowing the seas with iron and scattering sulphur into the upper atmosphere are set to be bluntly rejected by UN experts this week.

This, of course, should not mean that a State should be allowed to Force Christianity, or any other religion, down the throats of its constituents, for that goes against the teachings of Christianity itself -- which allows people to reject their Creator and His rightful authority over their lives, while warning them of the consequences (that God has said such actions will bring).

But today it has been so reversed, that Christians are told that they can't even mention the word "God" in a public classroom -- even if their school assignment is to write a report about how they think we got here, and then asked (by the teacher) to read it in front of their class.

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