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I realized that happy/optimistic is a much healthier way to live and I have an amazing example to follow in my wife. It’s very possible that he suffers from depression or even a mood disorder, and would benefit from therapy and medication.Of course, he would have to be willing to consider looking into this, acknowledge that things might not be “out of his control”, and getting treatment.I’ve read through your posts on changing men, or not changing men, depending on the situation.In one response, you mentioned that one of your ex-girlfriends had not communicated a concern she had with you about being moody, anxious, etc., because she didn’t want to make a mistake by being overly critical, but you felt that it was a valid concern.Are you still moody, and if so, how does your wife deal with it?Or did you do something about it because it affected your relationships?Not for the anxious/moody person, and not for the poor soul who has to be the strong, patient partner.When your boyfriend is unhappy, it’s only normal to want to pull him out of it, to want to flip a switch in the back of his head to get him from pessimist to optimist.

When I was feeling that way, believe me, I felt chagrined when women would pull away from me.There are some people who will give up online dating if one email is not returned or give up on relationships just because the last one went bad.Even if this is somewhat “normal,” it’s certainly not a healthy trait.But now that I’m on the other side, I can completely understand why they did.Oh, and to answer your last question, Katie, my moodiness pretty much disappeared when I found this career and got married.

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