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Always talk to the host, never directly to the translator.One-on-one’s: Chinese people tend not to express what they have in mind in public.Stratagems are clever, sometimes unconventional solutions to a problem and are normally at the level of tactics.To the Chinese, business is very similar to warfare and they therefore refer to their ancient texts for advice. There is rarely a good reason to let your competitor know what you are doing, and there may be very good reasons to mislead your competitor as to your intentions 2. Instead find out where your competitor is weak and attack them there. Determine your competitor's tactics, just because someone is being friendly does not mean they should be trusted - they may have ulterior motives.Colours: Avoid White; it is the colour or mourning.Red, suggests power, prosperity and authority, and is the preferred colour in China. 3 means longevity and 8 means wealth/prosperity Let them smoke: There are 350 million people who smoke in China.They consume 1.8 trillion cigarettes each year, or one-third of cigarettes smoked worldwide.Many Chinese consider smoking, usually among men, the right thing to do in a business environment. Talk metric: Supply technical and pricing information in metric units.

If you don’t have a Chinese name, ask someone you like to help you choose one!

Your customers and suppliers will appreciate and understand you better this way.

The Thirty-Six Strategies are a collection of 36 Chinese proverbs used to illustrate military strategy and tactics.

Also, avoid slang and colloquialisms; it is unlikely you will be understood.

Do not interrupt: Remember who holds the floor and do not interrupt the speaker.

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