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Here's some tips on how any woman can learn and become a "natural" at creating that deeper and more LASTING ATTRACTION with a man:

Catch Him Keep Element #2 - "Emotional Engagement" I probably don't have to tell you that most men, when you're in a relationship with them, won't be constantly seeking to know about and understand how you feel.

As the flood of emotions hit you, and you FEEL what's going on throughout your body, you want the man to both see and understand why you would feel this way... I want this to go away." Long story short, what started off as a misunderstanding and a situation where you simply didn't feel good about something in the moment, and you wanted him to see it and respond... But if that gut-level ATTRACTION isn't there that tells him deep down inside that he HAS to be with you tonight and every other night... And you can do amazing things for him that no other woman could ever know to do for him in his're going to end up pushing him away as he sees you as desperate, "needy", clingy, or just plain overly emotional.The worst part is, there are a lot of smart women out there who are really great women who actually know on a conscious level about these mistakes...

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