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However, a few minutes later, the real Sting ran to the ring, showing that the “Sting” who had been pinned was actually Barry Windham. Still, Sid’s name was now intertwined with the Four Horsemen, as he officially came to be with them.Sid would stay a member of the Horsemen for the next few months, wrestling with them in the first Fall Brawl Wargames match, before leaving WCW.Real Name: Sid Eudy Birthday: July 4, 1960 Hometown: West Memphis, Arkansas Height & Weight: 6’9 – 303lbs Trained by: Tojo Yamamoto Debut: 1987 Also known as: Vicious Warrior Sid Justice (WWF) Sycho Sid (WWF) The Millennium Man (WCW) : For years, Sid Eudy has been one of the most feared wrestlers in the game, becoming one of only a few wrestlers to have competed in all three major organizations at or near the top of the ladder.Although one of the powerhouses in wrestling history, Sid still lacks the respect of the fans.Sid Vicious was still gaining ground in the world of wrestling, though, until an ugly incident in October ’93.It was soon after the Halloween Havoc PPV, where Sid had lost to Sting.

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He held the belt for a month before losing to Wendall Cooley.Sid first teamed with Vader, calling themselves the Masters of the Powerbomb.This team was short-lived, and Vicious soon teamed up with Dan Spivey instead, to create the Skyscrapers, a very dangerous tag-team.This was Justice’s big moment in the WWF for the time being, as he soon departed them and again wrestled in smaller organizations for a time. Sid Vicious joined up with Big Van Vader once again, and the two fought with various partners against Sting and his factions.The two groups met at consecutive PPVs, with Sting’s faction normally coming out on top.

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    Colleagues, however, expressed doubts that the man was acting out a purely personal vendetta. “I can’t tell you for sure if what we are seeing is a result of hatred of independent journalists, or a psychiatric issue, or both.” Ms Felgenhauer, predominantly a talk show host, was not known for investigative work, and there is nothing to suggest she was on the verge of uncovering a major economic or political scandal.