Consolidating data in excel worksheets Cam chat no log in

However, linking formulas may consume more memory than you want—especially when you're dealing with several large ranges of data.

To demonstrate this technique, let's use it to consolidate the values in the worksheets we showed you in Figure A.Enabling this option tells Excel to copy all the data from the source ranges into the destination range in addition to entering the summary statistics.(We'll discuss that check box more in a moment.) At this point, click OK.Consolidating by position involves a few easy steps: First, you click on the upper-left cell of the range in which you want Excel to place the summary information (we'll call this range the range). However, you can choose from a variety of other statistics (Count, Average, Max, Min, Product, and so forth) if you want.Since the source ranges are the same size, you don't have to specifically select the entire destination range. command from the Data menu to open the dialog box shown in Figure B. Once you've selected the statistic you want Excel to calculate, you should specify the source ranges.

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