Conversation in dating

I'll show you how you can learn all the same conversation techniques I discovered and developed in just a minute...

I knew I should develop solutions for is specifically designed for people who are shy, quiet, awkward, nervous and withdrawn in conversations.

All they can do is repeat the same useless advice they read from some other "expert" and HOPE that it will work for you. It was only after I went PAST all that useless "common advice" and started learning from other more I took the techniques I learned about and tested them out on myself in the real world. I slowly discovered more of the golden useful ideas... and I know none of these "accomplishments" are even that impressive.

Now, only a few of the ideas and techniques I tried out made any difference. All I really learned to do was talk to people in a normal, confident way.

It felt like I LOST most of my personality, social skills and sense of humor . or sometimes even not noticing that I had said something — like I was invisible!

If I was around people I didn’t know well, then it felt like my mind was usually blank … And even when I DID speak up once in a while, my voice always sounded weak, timid and unsure. Other times I felt like I "weirded out" anyone I talked to with my incredible self-consciousness, awkwardness and nervousness.

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