D e n n i s dating always sunny

So, obviously, he started “cultivating mass” to become a “muscle bound freak” instead of a “tiny twink”.Kaitlin Olson (Dee) explains Rob Mc Elhenney's reason for writing this into the show.She joined the show in a sexualised whirlwind of raucous comedy and is a force to be reckoned with, easily making her my favourite supporting character in the show.

It would certainly seem that Rob Mc Elhenney has included this plot device social commentary, perhaps on the fact that no-one should have to justify their sexuality to anyone, let alone themselves or a religion that doesn't accept them as they are.

I don't want to be the voice of reason.' It just wasn't what I was interested in doing, They said to me, 'Look, we just haven't really written for women that much, but we'll figure it out.' My first thought was, 'Well, don't write for a woman.

Just write another funny character.' I'll make it female just by not doing anything. Don't think about it as male or female."Since the first season Dee has become just as strong a character, if not more so, than her male counterparts.

I was one of the auditioners who responded, but instead of showing up in a bikini, super serious actor, Artemis Dubois, performed the crap out of a dramatic monologue—cancer and wigs and bald caps and a surprise suicide twist all in about 2 minutes. I think the best possible ending for Artemis would be to become a secret agent or spy of some sort.

That would combine her loves of play-acting and dangerful living in a most satisfying way.

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