Daria trent dating

This is a little something that I was thinking on for Jane as a stand alone piece.Everyone has a story and Jane was an awesome character to me. This can also be read as a kind of companion piece to Changes, so enjoy!This whole thing is so shameless, but I've been kicking it around in my head so I had to get it out of there. Trent Lane would like to go on record and say that her with one hundred percent certainty that he did not intend, in any capacity, to violate Daria Morgendorffer's privacy. The year had not let up, the winter and spring had limped along, staggering with terrible heat that left an airless feeling hidden behind every building.The rain trickled into the back of her thin drab rain coat and made her shiver, it wasn't cold, it felt like a wretched sweat, the burn of the summer was unbearable, even with the wetness.

"And she was angry, for some reason she could not fathom either."Nothing, darling-"Daria knew fully that asking for additional explanation would lead them both to have a 'conversation', which she was desirous to avoid at all costs."Alright, I'll…

She asked her with a shoulder motion, but only received a stern lip-frown-with-narrowed-eyes reply."Uh, Trent? Oh, hey Daria," Trent's head came up from behind the bed, a dust bunny tangled on his raven-black hair."Are you feeling well?

" she asked, for lack of something else to say."Sure, you? Daria felt herself melting slowly."I'm fine," she managed to reply, overcoming the sudden hotness on her cheeks.

There is a house party and Daria, Tome, Jane, Monique and Mystic Spiral are all there. I wrote this and felt the need to put it out there, but man I hate to put it out there. Tom, Daria, and Jane are sharing an apartment while in college; They all decide to go out when Trent and Jesse are in town for a gig.

Monique slaps Daria and from there the madness goes. It's not like I don't know that crap happens in real life, but this is supposed to be my getaway......right? Maybe no one will even see it but me (well aren't I narcissistic? ) Hope you enjoy.....whatever....know....I am rambling..... Everyone is in stable relationships and a great time seems to have been had by all......

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