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Personal Statement Turning to DBMI, one of the top tier programs in the country, to obtain my Masters in Biomedical Informatics was a natural transition for me since I was already in Pittsburgh having just obtained my MD at Pitt’s School of Medicine.Bioinformatics, which I realized as the nexus of medicine, education and technology, was the perfect complement to my existing work in the Lab for Educational Technology ( and would smoothly morph with my existing work in clinical care.His other interests include universal usability, security, privacy, and public policy implications of computing systems. Lu’s research focuses on the computational methods for identifying signaling pathways underlying biological processes and diseases as well as Statistical methods for acquiring knowledge from biomedical literature. Chandran's interests include genomic data mining, Next Generation Sequencing data analysis, integrative analysis of The Cancer Genome Atlas Project (TCGA) and development of computing infrastructure for large genomics datasets Dr.

I immediately transferred to DBMI where I obtained the skills necessary to integrate my technology expertise with Medical Decision Making and Diagnostic Errors in Medicine. Crowley was instrumental in planting the seed of the importance of the cognitive aspects of medical decision making.GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object extension is intended to enhance the performance of Open GL by providing the benefits of vertex array and display list, while avoiding downsides of their implementations.Vertex buffer object (VBO) allows vertex array data to be stored in high-performance graphics memory on the server side and promotes efficient data transfer.If the buffer object is used to store pixel data, it is called Pixel Buffer Object (PBO).Using vertex array can reduce the number of function calls and redundant usage of the shared vertices.

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