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Luke, being the great boyfriend he is offered to stay in and take care of you. "It’s Friday, date night." He answered sitting down on your bed, after motioning you to scoot over. I thought we agreed that since I’m sick w-“ "Babe, we’re just going to watch movies and shows while I take care of you, you’ll be fine, and still get all the rest you need." He smiled. You smiled back and scooted closer to him, knowing that he wouldn’t mind. “I guess,” You smiled, “But you’re not the type to do this.” “True,” He nodded, “There is a reason. You never minded, it was fun to be shown off, but tonight you were sick and couldn’t leave the house. Not much of a cook, I had someone help,” Calum explained as he pushed your chair in, and then he took a seat. You nodded as Luke had finished setting the first thing up. After that movie you went on to watch his favorite movie, Anchorman. "Hey, babe." He said walking into your room with a laptop, water, some pills, and bit of candy. Thinking about it, it was sweet that he wanted to do a date night even if you were sick. Even if you were sick Luke always wanted to snuggle up to you, he always said it was because your heat would rub off on him. You rapidly pressed down on X, which luckily got you through all these guys. “It’s called free-run, and you press RB.” You looked down at the controller. Michael: “So you’ll let me teach you how to play Assassin’s Creed? Not because you knew it would be a blast to play Assassin’s Creed, but because you loved the smile on Michael’s face. ” You asked, as you sat down and grabbed the controller.

My husband and I had been in town for a few months before we discovered this treasure.

As we pulled up, our stomachs started growling and I remembered that some good friends had taken me to a fantastic Cuban restaurant (Geo’s) about a mile from the Garden’s parking lot. I recommend the “Caribbean Press,” the “Lechon y Chicharrones,” and a side order of tostones (twice fried savory green plantains with cilantro and spicy aioli).

We proceeded to drive to the beach in time to catch the beautiful colors filling the sky.

“This game is really fun,” You smiled, “Even if I do keep dying.” “Now you see why I like video games?

“I think that’s enough for now, babe,” Michael smiled and he saved the game for you. Ashton: “I don’t want to watch My Sister’s Keeper again!

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