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It’s not that his heart was in the wrong place, or even that he was being illogical. So ask yourself what behaviors or beliefs YOU have that are out of step with reality: Are you a guy who thinks that women should split the bill?

Giving gifts to women IS generous and thoughtful and kind. Are you a woman who thinks that your great date actually meant something?

's second gift from her boyfriend was "an NFL Steelers jersey because they are my favorite team and football is something we bond over. I wrote a long letter explaining why I picked each song and he LOVED IT! Pay Attention Early On 's boyfriend knows the importance of pay attention to what your partner likes from day one.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just-because gift, present-picking can feel like pop quiz on your partner.

Need help making sure you pass the first-gift test?

It’s hard enough to get it right with people you know well—close friends and family.

Where do you even start to select a gift for someone you only recently met?

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