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Kinsale's naval significance declined after the Royal Navy moved its victualling centre from Kinsale to Cork harbour in 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars in the period of France's First Empire.

When the ocean liner RMS Lusitania was sunk by a U-boat of the German Empire on on a voyage from New York City to Liverpool during the First World War, some of the bodies and survivors were brought to Kinsale and the subsequent inquest on the bodies recovered was held in the town's courthouse. The Lusitania memorial is at Casement Square in Cobh, to the east of Cork city.

Its population increases during the summer months when the tourist season is at its peak and when the boating fraternity and other tourist visitors arrive in numbers.

Kinsale is in the Cork South–West (Dáil Éireann) constituency, which has five seats.

Prominent historical buildings in the town include St. John the Baptist (Catholic) of 1839, the Market House of c.

Bus Éireann provides Kinsale's primary means of public transport.

Kinsale is a holiday destination for Irish and overseas tourists.

Leisure activities include yachting, sea angling, and golf.

The town also has several art galleries and a school of English.

There is a large yachting marina close to the town centre.

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