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See Foe Romance Subtext for the less explicit version of this, and Fatal Attraction when it's more dangerous.

IN the first of a series featuring the area's police inspectors, Insp John Scott, who is in charge of Astley Bridge, Bromley Cross, Bradshaw and Crompton, talks about the issues affecting the area and what is being done to tackle it.

See full summary » Bright youngest graduate Randy (Stinky) Lawrence convinces Samantha to promote his brilliant murder video game in the bookstore in exchange for his help in convincing 'old friend' Donald ...

See full summary » Former Red River TV series star Clint Lawson's Wild West show is in town, the prize act in the annual festival, which the sponsoring bookshop is presiding over. See full summary » When Henry Roth is hired to find the best Italian chef for a new high-end eatery, murder was not on the menu.

"At the beginning of the summer we saw large groups congregating in Harwood as well as other areas where the young people utilised social media to arrange their meeting points.

After dating hot doctor Ben, "Mystery Woman" Samantha becomes curious about her family medical history so she sets out upstate to fictitious small town; Whiptail, California in search of ...

Claw tried to launch a stink missile at HQ, but was accidentally frozen in the Antarctic by Gadget. Claw, retrieved his lost claw, and began rebuilding the MAD organization with Claw's "guidance".

Without Claw to worry about, Gadget went into retirement, while Penny and Brain became open junior investigators for HQ. With MAD's threat very real again, Gadget comes out of retirement at the chief's request.

I've read all of the Inspector Alleyn novels by Ngaio Marsh and feel that this dramatic interpretation is good.

Okay, I've got some minor gripes with parts of each of the shows.

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