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Having written for long running shows such as Shin Chan, she's currently writing episodes for Space Dandy, the hit show from Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe (released by Anime Limited) While in the UK for MCM Manchester Comic Con 2015, Miss Ueno was kind enough to sit down and have a chat with us about Space Dandy, Shin Chan and what she looks forward to when travelling abroad.We've covered the UK location used for cute anime show Kinmoza before.Those who want to get a glimpse into the real world Fosse Farm B&B will enjoy watching Episode 2 of Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom.The Aussie TV star and top chef visits Wiltshire and does some baking at Fosse Farm with owner Caron.

I mean imagine that, if He were actually real, I mean reeealy out there, you'd wish he wasn't. come on out boys the world needs you; D I still don't understand any of you XDDDD lol But then again if the Inuyasha World was real I would mail Naraku and let him know How grateful everyone is that he REALLY exists, complete with flowers and a box of milk chocolates and the addresses to all my enemies Of course! I DO AND I LOVE HIM MORE THEN YOU DO with his endless golden eye and his almost snow white hair and his sexy body making me melt everytime he is on screen and i just wanna hold him and never let him go..... ...ok now girls, we can all have inuyasha, in our own little world/way we all want to be with inuyasha.

While it's true that directors, actors and character designers shape the look of the show, it's anime writers who tell the characters what to say.

One writer who is getting more exposure these days is Kimiko Ueno.

My taste in men has changed a significant amount since then Although I wouldn't date Sesshomaru...we'd be friends if even that.

He's way out of my league..I wouldn't date a guy who is prettier than me x D!!

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