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On our first date, Avie and I met at a restaurant in Carroll Gardens, his neighborhood.We sat at the bar, ordered wine and tapas, and talked.He would avert his eyes when he saw two men holding hands on the street. He remained devoted to my boys and to me, but in the end, his deeply ingrained reactions to our gay-positive world were too powerful for him to overcome and for me to ignore. He would still give my boys a wink and an elbow when he would check in about their “love lives.” Avie did not seem to understand that my children had not lived in a world where anyone felt sorry for them because they had two moms. READ MORE: Rom-coms still don’t believe you can find love online I used to be quiet about the fact that I perform abortions. “I don’t want that perception diminished in any way.” Avie said he understood, but his behavior didn’t change much.He still winced when he learned that the kids and I were going to the gay pride parade. When we had started dating, I had found Avie to be an open-hearted person.

He started smoking cigarettes, began walking with a swagger.

Our phones were linked for a brief period, so I could see some of Luca’s earliest efforts at chatting up girls.

When I noted he was using the same “seductive” lines on more than one girl, I tried not to be overly concerned.

From the start, Avie was enthusiastic about getting to know my two sons.

At 13, Luca was figuring out how to move from boy to man.

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