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While the X-Men battled Dracula, Kitty began to recite the Montesi Formula, but was stopped.Dracula was defeated and Lilith released Kitty, thanking the X-Men for their assistance.Xavier relented and retained Kitty in the X-Men after Kitty impressed him by defeating two Sidri with the help of Lockheed, who had followed her back to earth. Peter and Kitty became close, though at the time, both were too shy to fully admit their feelings for each other.However, after surviving the threat by the alien Brood, Kitty and Peter grew closer and started to date.The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club also learned about Kitty, and its White Queen, Emma Frost, went to invite Kitty to her Massachusetts Academy.

After Piotr's life was in danger, Kitty promised Caliban of the Morlocks her hand in marriage, while deathly sick from Plague, in exchange for aid in saving Peter and the X-Men's life, but Sprite did not keep her promise and returned to the X-Men.Emma Frost telepathically influenced Kitty's parents into transferring her to her Massachusetts Academy. After Kitty and Ororo (in Emma’s body) freed the X-Men, Kitty returned to Xavier's.Illyana Rasputin, Colossus' six year old sister, was kidnapped by Belasco and the X-Men followed to Limbo, where Kitty was harassed by an alternate version of Nightcrawler, and they rescued her. The headaches were a result of Kitty's mutant power emerging. D., Murder Circus (brainwashed), Lights (liaison), Paladins Squad, Gladiators, New Mutants, Knights of Wundagore Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York; formerly Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, X-Haven, Limbo (formerly Salem Center, Westchester County, New York); C. One that takes Professor Xavier's dream and builds on it. Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde was leading the normal life of an extremely gifted thirteen year old girl in Deerfield, Illinois when she began suffering increasingly intense headaches.

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