Dating scan today

I was 100% sure of my dates with DD (also IVF), and she was measuring about 4 days behind at 7 weeks, 2 days behind at 10 weeks and spot on at 12 weeks.My first scan at 5w3d was spot on and scam come back at 5w3d.I asked him about four times if there was definitely just the one in there haha. Everything great Yes Wanting86 you can find out gender with the NIPT. Speaking of gender, I saw somewhere that the 'ramzi theory' claims to predict gender up to 97% accuracy based on where the placenta lies in an early scan at 6-7weeks. I had my dating scan on Monday, I am 5 weeks and 6 days, The baby is perfect size and the Heart Beat was 136 beats per minute, and I got a CD with lots of photos I have my first OB appointment next Wednesday This is our first baby so very excited!We are wanting a surprise though so think we will do the traditional first semester screening then only do NIPT if high risk, due to the expense! We are going to the OB every second or third week, we are not high risk or anything but I worry a lot so will be nice to see if everything is going okay, as we have chosen a private OB we can go as much as we like, but obviously we have to pay I'm having a viability scan on Monday (I will be 7 weeks). Then I'm seeing my OB when I'm 10 weeks, he should do a scan for me then too.I am generally low risk in terms of age but for the peace of mind!Also we think it's kinda awesome that science has got to the point where you can test baby DNA from the mother's blood.

Last time I had to do the GTT at 12 weeks, I'm sure that will happen again.

Then I had a scan at 7w3d and using an average of the measurements taken it come back at 6w6d, this changed my due date from 31/5/16 to 4/6/16.

OB wants to go with 4/6/16 but GP said because I was having my cycles tracked at the time she is 110% when ovulation occurred.

Hi wanting, my scan results have me about 4 days behind my dates.

My doc said we will go with my dates, as its less than 5 days.

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