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The company is on track to make million in sales this year, according to a recent segment on one of its shows.

Gimlet's fall season adds three new shows to its (formerly) five-show roster, and features a fourth season of hit “Start Up,” which will follow American Apparel founder Dov Charney as he tries to start a new company after being ousted under dramatic circumstances in 2014.

You’ll meet longtime Providence mayor Vincent “Buddy" Cianci, who resigned from office after kidnapping and torturing his wife’s lover—only to run again and win by a landslide.

And you’ll meet a host of other crooks, cops, politicians, and priests, all of whom battled for the soul of this city.

I mean, we've seen boobies, chains and even Christian Grey’s love eggs.

In the previous episode, Chandler explains that it stands for "Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems". " is the most excited my son has got watching Friends with me.Take the fourth season of “Start Up,” for example, which Lieber says he’s most excited for of the new slate.The show tracks Dov Charney from the inception moment of his new company, as he tries to “recapture the magic of American Apparel” (as Lieber describes it).When Joey's dad enters the apartment to find that Ronni has come to give him his "good hair", Joey closes the door behind him, and you can see it closed in a couple more shots.Then, when Ronni suggests leaving and then says, "Where am I gonna stay, here?

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