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(Quran ) However, in the last 30 years hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness.Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.They worked at Easy Calling Service, a call centre at Johari Palace, and lived in a rented room, where they had moved in two months ago.

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In Australia, a radio presenter triggered both debate and outrage when he called for the face veil (niqab) to be banned from banks and post offices.

The literal meaning of hijab is to veil, to cover, or to screen.

Islam is known as a religion concerned with community cohesion and moral boundaries, and therefore hijab is a way of ensuring that the moral boundaries between unrelated men and women are respected.

Even predominantly Muslim countries such as Turkey and Tunisia ban the hijab in certain government buildings.

When a small piece of fabric causes such controversy and conflict, wouldn’t it be easier to remove it?

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