Emotional abuse dating relationships datingsiteslist com

He makes you feel awful about yourself and after a while you start to believe you’re a failure, falling right into his trap of wanting to hold you hostage.

He’s always acting like the victim, blaming you for everything.

An incredibly difficult sign of an emotionally abusive partner is that he hardly ever admits he’s wrong.

He always finds a way to flip the story on its head.

A sign of an emotionally abusive partner is that he’s always reminding you of the mistakes you’ve made.

He holds them over your head in another attempt to control and belittle you.

In another attempt to cut you off from your support system, he’s visibly upset anytime he finds out you’ve been talking about your relationship troubles with your friends.He constantly reminds you of any mistakes you made.You’re a human being, so of course you make mistakes.He does this because he feels wildly insecure himself, so he wants to bring you down to his level. The bullying seems to never stop from your partner.If he isn’t picking on your mistakes, he’s comparing you to other women.

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