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Doug Reinhardt: Lauren and Doug dated for a bit in high school and tried to reconnect their flame years later while they were both single in So Cal.

Sadly, the spark just wasn't there the second time around -- plus, when Lauren heard that Doug was trying to date Stephanie Pratt, she shut down the possibility of ever starting things up again.

I think this realization comes with age, but after years of fighting to prove myself professionally, spending my days making decisions from the hip and being the office Morale Officer, there is something incredibly relaxing and enjoyable about being able to turn down the volume on my independence.

According to the survey, which polled over 3,000 Americans ages 18 to 60, the idea that vibrators are intimidating to women's sexual partners is largely held by, well, women: while 70 percent of men professed they had no problem with the buzzing sex toys, 37 percent of women either agreed or strongly agreed with the idea that using a vibrator would be upsetting to their partners.

What we do find interesting is what Puerto Rican co-star Joseline Hernandez thinks of herself--in her own words.

I’m not a man, and I love them, so I can just imagine if I was.

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Escaping the friend zone with Stephen Colletti proved impossible, dating Jason Wahler cost her tube upon tube of waterproof mascara and Brody Jenner wasn't exactly ready to settle down.An expert on all things beautiful and crafty, Lauren is destined for a dream wedding, and we couldn't be happier for her.But, lest you forget, LC's road to romantic bliss hasn't been all roses.Still, Lauren might never have met the guy she's with -- or have become the person she is today -- were it not for her past relationships.Take a look back at LC's dating history, and wish her congrats again on her engagement!

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