Facebook test user error validating application

To do that, open the same JMX file by using the JMeter GUI, change the number of users in the thread group, and save the file with the same name. Just open your JMeter runner script (located in the JMeter bin folder) and replace the value of max heap space (which goes after -Xmx flag) that has these default values: Now we can run the same test again with 2,000 users. We don’t have any out of memory issues anymore but you can see that after we ran almost 2,000 users, we started getting lots of failed requests for our test.

I’m not going to write a boring description of debugging the root of cause, but I will just give you the following advice: “Use LAN and never use Wi-Fi connection to simulate more users”, even if you think that your Wi-Fi is strong enough.

JMeter GUI is wonderful when you need to create, edit and debug your tests, but is not a great solution for running created tests.

The same article mentioned before explains how you can run your tests in Non-GUI mode and save lots of resources to simulate a larger load.

All the previous test executions were performed while using Wi-Fi connection.

The connection was working fine until this moment, but to go further we need to switch on the LAN internet connection.

We need to create a performance script that can be used to hit different JMeter limitations. This holds each thread’s load until the test is finished. Add an assertion element for validating the response. Change the number of users in the Thread Groups to 500 threads, and ensure the script ran successfully.Out Of Memory Error thrown from the Uncaught Exception Handler in thread "Thread Group 1-921" We see that this time we were closer, but still couldn’t simulate a load for 1,000 users.From this case we can learn the next piece of advice: “Run JMeter performance tests in Non-GUI mode” when you need to simulate a larger load.The switch is done, now let’s try to execute the test again. We can confirm that a regular laptop can simulate 2,000 users and we should now try to go for the next limitation. As a result, we found that the max value of users we could simulate was around 8000-9000 users.If we added more, we got errors about available memory right after test execution This time it is not about heap space, but rather based on the limits of my local machine’s RAM.

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