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After familiarizing myself with the terms and conditions and realizing the value of these credits, I decided to give it a whirl!

Been using the app for over a year and although I have gotten a couple of matches, they are all super-far away and extremely young. Tinder has way better responses and the connections are real.

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After familiarizing myself with the terms and conditions and realizing the value of these credits.For lack of better words, my exhaustion and limited attention span collectively got the best of me and I quickly became disinterested.However, upon waking up the next morning, I discovered a message from the management team offering me 50 FREE credits to write this review.So many guys meant so many chances for me to bring dating online to the next level. I signed up to find a single girl to talk to, and messaged a couple of them. I received a reply pretty soon and it was worth it, cause Christina turned out to be the perfect girl for me.Thanks to Flirt we had couple of awesome real dates and are looking forward to meeting again!

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    I mean u get to meet new AMAZING people everyone is nice and cares about u here it's like another home.....i've become best friends with some people on teen chat and i just LOVE it.

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