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Most recently it raised million in January from Best Buy Capital, Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, and Bridgescale Partners.

Rivals include Facebook and My Space on the social networking level. Rosenzweig said there are plenty of avenues for expansion in the future.

By contrast, a virtual world owner (without user-generated content and with a continuous virtual world) would have to add a lot of fixed costs as it expands.

IMVU has 59 employees and has raised million in three rounds of venture funding to date.

“I think it’s important that potential partners know which companies in this space are going to be around tomorrow,” Rosenzweig said.

IMVU grew its revenue primarily by increasing the sale of virtual currency to its members, who use that currency to purchase virtual goods ranging from clothing for their avatars to furniture for their rooms.

But IMVU’s virtual spaces are limited to rooms or scenes (like the beach or an estate), and its content is user-generated.

That means that IMVU doesn’t have to buy or lease a lot of new servers or hire a lot of artists as it adds more users or catalog items.

IMVU also recently started inserting advertisements into the site and spending some of its profits on online marketing.

Rosenzweig says he admires companies such as China’s Changyou and hopes to duplicate their success.

He’s speaking up about the success now because IMVU hopes to land partners that can drive more traffic to the site.

Developers can get training on 3-D artistry and within a very short time upload their creations for a nominal credit fee.

They keep the vast majority of the credits proceeds from sales of their virtual goods.

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