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To validate their enrollment in each course at the beginning of the semester, students must attend the first or second meeting (first meeting if the class meets only once a week).

Students who add a course after the term begins must attend the next class meeting.

Enrollment status is defined for certification purposes as either full-time or half-time.

Full-time status, fall or spring semester Undergraduates: 12 credits Graduates: 9 credits Three-quarters status, fall or spring semester Undergraduates: 9 credits Graduates: 7 credits Half-time status, fall or spring semester Undergraduates: 6 credits Graduates: 5 credits Summer status Summer status depends on the number of weeks a student is enrolled.

Based on those selections, Class Schedule Planner can return all possible schedules to the student in a color coded grid format.

Though it is a Web-based application, the Class Schedule Planner does not require authentication (no user ID, PIN, or password).

The instructor has the option to offer a registered place in the course to another student when a registered student fails to attend and has not obtained prior approval of the instructor.

Students who do not validate their enrollment must drop the course or they will receive an F grade.

All undergraduate students are assigned an academic adviser based on their major/curriculum.

A new adviser assignment is made when a student changes majors/curricula.

Students who attend classes must complete registration and pay their assessed fees.

Using the Access Plus registration system is a privilege, which may be revoked if abuse is detected.

Abuse includes, but is not limited to, creating and using an automated program to search for course openings and/or enrolling in a section with the intent of reserving space in that particular section for another student.

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