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In reality, your entire educational career is founded on some form of plagiarism.

All of your research papers and presentation involve information that you learned from somewhere else.

If you are suspicious of an identity thief using your account, you can put a fraud alert on your credit report by contacting one of these three credit reporting companies (U. The alert lasts for at least 90 days and if need be, you can create an Identity Theft Report.

While there are many online scams on the internet, phishing is one that is geared specifically toward retrieving someone's personal information and using it to harm them.

An identity thief, known as the phisher, will lure victims using emails and websites that seem harmless or secure.

This includes: Chat rooms, video games, e-mail, blogs, and even over cell phones. This gives the cyberbully the false idea that their actions have no repercussions.

A group of girls at his school had been taunting Alan through IM, teasing him about his small size, daring him to do things he couldn't do. Now that more and more kids have cell phones, cyberbullying often takes place through texting and picture messaging as well.

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