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It was late and I called it a night, but I did notice that 45 year old Australian guy leading two Cambodian girls into his hotel room. We met at a place known for pizzas with dough made with marijuana. She looked more Vietnamese or Chinese than Cambodian to me, with her completely white skin and Asian eyes.She had the best English of anyone I had met in Cambodia yet and our personalities clicked pretty well.I’m always a bit paranoid the first day in a country, especially my first few hours in a country like Cambodia, and for good reason. “To a bar I know, we will meet my friend there.” “I just wanted to meet you.” I replied.It started to bother me that I didn’t know where we were going exactly. “It is just for a place to relax and talk.” Something didn’t feel right.There was one thing I absolutely loved about her, her smile. She was 19 years old and she was studying at a local university.I bought her dinner and we ate and continued talking.I had pipelined (set up dates online for when I arrive) back in Thailand and I had tried a few different websites.The one that had the most attractive girls with good response rates was

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The sex was good, other than the fact that she went very dry very quickly.It had been my first day in a new country and I had been too paranoid.I explained that to her and we planned another date. When I arrived she was already there and we immediately started drinking. They had counted all of her drinks and charged me 5$ each. All the people in this place immediately came over and started talking to me.After that I wasn’t in a good mood, but I checked out a bar close by. The bar tender seemed really into me, but this other girl had a good sized rack, one of the bigger ones I had seen in South East Asia. It was clear that this girl was a prostitute, but I had shored probably five girls in my life before that point (knowingly) and I was up for the challenge with this girl.I was feeling horny and a shitty mood wasn’t going to stop me from getting what I wanted. (Shoring is making a prostitute like you so she will want to have sex with you and not ask you to pay.) “I don’t pay for sex.” I repeated multiple times because her English didn’t seem very good.

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