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I never thought that I would be able to get my hands on an OG copy of such a dope, obscure Afro-beat LP.Turns out this record was recorded by Boadi and the African Internationals in Chicago, which makes me hopeful I might be able to find another copy at some point in time in my digging life, but in the mean time I'll enjoy what I got.

What they bring back is legendary and worth every penny.

One of the many benefits of kicking it with an international group of friends is getting access to music you otherwise wouldn't get the chance to hear or sometimes even hear about.

When my guy M.anifest made a trip back to his native Ghana a few years ago, I made sure to let him know to grab any Ghanaian music he could come across, especially any Afro-beat/highlife, and especially on vinyl.

He brought back a good number of LPs and singles, but this was hands down the find of the bunch.

I had actually encountered Dan Boadi's music briefly through a re-issue 12" single of "Money Is the Root of Evil" on Turntable Lab's website back in the day, and the tune hit me so much that when I threw this LP on the turntable and heard the exact same bassline drop I almost lost bowel control in excitement.

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