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These financial disparities are compounded by gender and age.In most professions, women are still paid less than men and are therefore less likely to meet Theresa May’s requirements.That’s, in addition to the taxes and national insurance contributions that will be generated by the clear majority of foreign spouses who will work in the UK once they arrive.Even the arbitrary figure of £18,600 raises more questions than it answers.It does not account for regional or sectoral disparities in income or the cost of living.Someone working full-time at the National Living Wage earns just £15,600 before tax. Average salaries for NHS attendants and cleaners are just under £16,000.In fact, spouses have not had recourse to public funds since long before 2012.

A Tory government which prides itself on its patriotic credentials has no place asking honest, hardworking, law-abiding citizens to leave the country they love and call home.The Tories’ logic for both the threshold and the restrictions on you meet it run like this: earning at least £18,600 per year means that a family will not draw on public funds for sustenance.Support from relatives and the potential income of the foreign spouse is not seen as sufficiently reliable.In families that cannot afford childcare, women are more likely than men to take unpaid time off or leave work altogether to raise children, potentially rendering a family unable to stay together in the UK, while retired people on fixed incomes (most pensions are far below £18,600 per year) cannot easily return to work.“Well”, says the Home Office, “you are free to live together wherever your spouse comes from”. Here’s the thing: for many people, this just isn’t an option. Many have children whose schooling and lives cannot easily be uprooted.

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