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“Hola jefe, es un placer verte.” (Hey boss, it is a pleasure to see you.) “¿Por qué ... From what I’d been told, he was a real power broker and seemed to get a lot done for the people he represented. “I hear you and Brook want to spend spring break, diving.” I looked in the rearview mirror to see how Brook wanted to handle it. I glanced in the mirror and I could tell that was the first Brook had heard of these plans. Remember that you might need me to like you at some point,” she teased. We did a couple, and then I pulled up Brook and all the volunteers for some photos. We have a special treat before our governor and Senator Dixon talk. “We had a great time, and you were a fantastic crowd,” Jett said. I smiled because that was the same song they’d played when I was a guest on The Talk, a daytime TV show. I went up to Jett and danced with her as she sang, Yeah, do it for your people Do it for your pride How you ever gonna know if you never even try? Max rounded us all up after the rally to tell us what our marching orders were. “If the press approaches you, please refer them to me if it’s about the campaign. There was also an invitation for a private get-together tonight in the governor’s suite. I was happy to see the campaign team had taken all my boxes of photos. I watched her interview, and made some mental notes to help her get better.

He explained that he was working on a few local campaigns with his college classes, so he hadn’t had time to get involved in anything bigger. Your grandmother told me that was your first political event, so to speak. The only way for something like the homeless shelter to work is if the people living around it are happy. Orange and the Homeless Coalition’s worst outcome would have been to win, but have all the neighbors pissed off. Well, I guess I did remember her taking my mom shopping, but I wasn’t with her then. An hour before the band was to go on, they opened the doors.

Lily made me think about it and actually know what the words meant. I’ll try out for part of Emily Web, your love interest,” Halle said. “Tryouts are Monday after school,” she said, and then scampered away. I took her home with me so we could drive my new car. We then made the trek to Brook’s house so we could pick up Ian and Ava, Brook’s parents. I wanted something large enough to carry a big group.” “I’ve never heard of it before,” Ian said. Sullivan found a used one, or I wouldn’t have gotten it. Ian was my designated copilot as we found our way to the highway. I should have prepared talking points to make sure I covered everything that needed to be said.

I attribute a lot of it to my acting and having to learn lines. I could still say most of the Japanese lines from my sunglasses commercial, and I had no idea what I was saying for that. “They’ve decided to do Our Town and want you to read for the part of George Gibbs. Brook and I were let off school early so we could drive to Northern Illinois University for the campaign rally for Governor Higgins and Senator Dixon. She admitted that the Jeep was easier to park than the Ford SUV. I had to remember her parents were around all weekend, and I’d be pissed if she outed me about my scores to my parents.

Even with all the luggage, there was plenty of room in the storage area in the back. He was excited about helping out with the campaign. If I had, I might have gotten a better idea of what the key issues were for the local homeowners,” I admitted. ” “No, no, so I could also make sure their needs were met.

I would get frustrated because I tended to have a lot of ‘uhms’ thrown in as I thought about what to say. “They say you agreed to be the lead in the play if I was going to do it as well,” Halle said, as she fixed me with a stare. “Why do I think we just got roped into doing more than we planned? Ian came out of the house pulling two roller bags and a garment bag. I jumped out to help him load his and Ava’s luggage. “They’ve been in production only a few years, and only a little over 400 have been built. They retail just north of a hundred and sixty thousand when new.” Brook and Ava came out with a cooler filled with drinks and snacks, along with Brook’s roller and garment bags. The Ford had a built-in navigation system, but Ian said he knew where we were going. I also didn’t take the time to go around the room and meet everyone.

The real problem may be how it affects his love life. No matter what the issue, it’s about winning and not what’s right for the people that are being governed. You could go to Australia and experience the Great Barrier Reef. Brook was kept busy, as they wanted her to snap the shot with their phones. He was also running, but his job was to fire up the crowd. I’d learned some from Rosy, the James’ cook, but between having to speak it in class and Lily tutoring me, things were coming along. I’d already said I would help out, so I’d keep my word. Peggy had agreed to swap cars with me for the weekend. Her parents gave her a look, but I kept my mouth shut. (Sorry) I found that, with Lily’s help, I was picking up Spanish quickly. I guess you did okay.” I let out my breath with relief. Mom said she’d send it to Kendal so she could forward it to whoever wanted to see it for football recruiting.I decided to be evil and see how committed they were. It was nice to see her in normal mode as opposed to scary-lawyer mode. Then another group of college students came in and we were busy again. I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing this band perform. The plan was for the girls to play for thirty minutes and then the politicians would talk. “Now, I want you to put your hands together for someone I think of as a friend. Please give a warm Northern Illinois welcome to David A. Do it for your country Do it for your name ‘Cause there’s gonna be a day... I saw Governor Higgins and Senator Dixon talking in the wings, watching us. “I have a packet for each of you with an itinerary for the rest of the weekend. Brook had told me we’d handed out over 500 of them tonight. She said she’d take my parents to the hotel, because Jett wanted to ride with us. Angel was watching like a hawk, but had a big smile when it was done.“I could see if my parents wanted to go also; or if you wanted to, you could do your own thing and they could come with us.” I knew my parents would allow some frolicking. I’d like to get to know your parents better,” Ava said as she got her cell out and called my mom. I suspected my mom had been talking to more than Ava. ” “We’re using the locker rooms as a Green Room and changing area. ” I’d never told Brook about Jett and me spending some time together. Max came out and said they were ready for the band, so we went on stage. They’d set it up so they were only using half the arena. Some of you might have seen me in the movie Star Academy. You might want to come down and dance a little, because they’re a lot of fun. ” The band broke out into the Violent Femmes’ Blister in the Sun. Word must have gotten out that the band was good, because people from all over campus started to show up. The governor worked his way through the crowd and shook hands. When you’re standing in the hall of fame And the world’s gonna know your name ‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame And the world’s gonna know your name And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame I got the crowd swaying. “Governor Higgins and Senator Dixon, come out here for a moment,” I called. We’ll be spending two nights in The Peninsula Chicago, located in the River North neighborhood. I came out and found that Jett and the band were doing an on-camera interview with Channel 9, Chicago’s flagship station. This series of shows would be great exposure for the girls and help them sell some CDs, or book some gigs. Jett claimed shotgun, since she claimed to know where The Peninsula Chicago was located.

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