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The objective of my research is to be able to present a strong business case to relevant humanitarian and development aid agencies, businesses and other organisations that operate or trade in these countries, in support of our solar panel cookers, if this is possible.

Of course, I will only be able to produce one if there is evidence that a) women who receive them are adapting to the new way of cooking; b)these cookers are making a real contribution to the health and welfare of these women and their families; c) that the qualitative and quantitative benefits brought about by their use, over time, outweigh the costs of marketing/fund raising, purchasing, distribution (including provision of repair materials and replacements) and training; and d) that we can demonstrate that our cooker (or an improved model based on feedback we have gained from users) is the best available solution under the specific circumstances we are addressing.

Thanks so much for what you have been teaching and all of the effort you have gone to. I will treasure your remarks about having someone sent to earth to be the family record keeper. You are one of the few that make handouts available. When you assigned to a post you hope the class is worthwhile. I am especially appreciative that you are willing to share your vast experience and expertise in the form of written articles. I teach genealogy classes in Oneida County & have been for 15 years. Barry, Just to let you know, I tried some of the tricks you taught us last night and uncovered a goldmine! You have renewed my excitement and I can't wait to start working in these new ways. I went home and applied some of the tips on Scot-Irish research that you gave to me and have already found some more information.

I have done genealogy copying for years but I didn't know how to do research like you showed us. Barry, I have enjoyed very much being able to experience your presentation. You inspire me to do the work I enjoy more diligently. I would like to request the following articles: Kathleen B. And was so happy to hear all your suggestions, do's, don't's, etc. (A woman who had spent 20 years researching the very line I needed.....even listed 3 pages of all her sources! So, I really hit the jackpot twice from attending your class tonight! Barry, I enjoyed your presentations immensely and feel quite inspired to jump back into genealogy research after a twenty year vacation.

Now I will be MUCH more prepared before I go and hopefully find direction - be able to narrow the area down of my search before I leave.

You are making such a difference in many lifes - of those of us here on earth and those who have passed on. Barry, After attending you classes, I find myself quoting you every day.

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I like information to be presented simply, but the process to arrive at my framework for decision-making isn’t simple and much of the information needed for it not particularly easy to obtain.I have lost both my parents now and have a great desire to preserve both my husbands and my family history (our history)... I know you said it only takes hundreds of hours to prepare them. I thought your presentation on conducting family interviews was wonderful.I am sure many blessing will come to you and to those you are willing to share with. I am planning to interview my parents in the near future, and your suggestions will be very helpful to me as I plan and prepare for the interview.How THANKFUL I was to see your generous offer to share your knowledge and bless lives on both sides of the veil. Barry, I enjoyed your classes very much and heard some answers to questions that I have been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with all of us. Barry, Thank you so much for opening so many doors and showing how it can be done and can be lots of fun!!Thank you for taking the time to teach these classes and for responding with this additional information. Barry, Thank you for your wonderful education week presentations. May God bless you for your eager righteous endeavors in helping your fellow genealogists. Barry, Thank you for the class on choosing and using hardware and software. The idea of tutorials to help me is very appealing. I've already connected to 4 folks on message boards.... Your presentation that day has influenced me more than any other class from the Conference.

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