Gp dating patient

Group chairman Dr Tim Dalton, a GP, said: “Dr Tun’s practice in Hindley has informed us that it is considering closing its branch at Hindley Green.

“Patients can currently use either of its branch sites to access services.

It is thought this is because patients have to repeat their medical history, which wastes valuable time and means symptoms of serious illness go undetected.

A few years back, I developed acne and rosacea out of the blue and went to the GP a number of times. Each time they asked the same question and suggested the same things, which I then had to explain I’d already tried.

It gives them a unique understanding and perspective.

Those who benefit from this most — people with mental health problems, the elderly and those with chronic or complex conditions — are all too often ignored anyway, and they’re the ones who have the most to lose from a lack of continuity of care.

It was simply that the GP had a hunch based on a deep connection with the patient.

“It does not offer a full range of services from the Hindley Green site for these reasons.A spokesman for Dr Pye Tun and Partners said: “The practice spent £20,000 on the building in 2014 to make it comply with Care Quality Commission requirements.“Although the two consulting rooms are in good condition, a lot of repair work is needed to keep the building in a sustainable state.One said: "While we agree there are more facilities at Liverpool Road, it can be difficult to get there through heavy traffic and if the switch goes ahead extra patients will mean longer waiting times for appointments and less space for car parking." Another said: "Being elderly, my wife and I find that having this surgery near to our home is excellent. "We have always managed to get appointments quickly if needed and most times get to see our designated doctor, while the reception staff are very kind, considerate and helpful." The consultation closes on Monday, December 18.To take part in the consultation pick up a questionnaire from the practice or access it online at

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